Swim To Look Good Inside & Out!

Suitable for all ages, swimming is one of the most fun, relaxing and yet beneficial forms of exercise. By swimming regularly, the whole family can enjoy keeping fit all the year round! From a physical health perspective swimming uses all the major muscles for a full body workout, especially if you vary the strokes. Water’s buoyancy makes swimming ideal exercise for physical therapy, rehabilitation or for anyone seeking a low-impact exercise with a minimal injury risk.

Even those with arthritis and pregnant women can continue to exercise in the swimming pool. Swimming promotes muscle tone, strength and endurance as every leg kick and arm stroke is a resistance exercise against the water. As swimming puts the body through a range of motions it also helps joints and ligaments to stay loose and flexible, in contrast to gym machines which tend to only work one specific body part.

Being an aerobic exercise, swimming strengthens your heat and lungs, as well as reducing your risk of diabetes and stroke. Swimming keeps your heart healthy by lowering your resting heart rate and so helping your heart to pump blood more efficiently. By raising “good” HDL cholesterol and reducing bad “LDL” cholesterol, swimming contributes to maintaining a healthy cholesterol level. Swimming is also a great for weight control. It burns more calories than walking or cycling and almost as many as running. In fact an hour of vigorous swimming will use up to 650 calories!

As the saying goes, “a healthy body equals a healthy mind”. Alongside the host of physical health benefits, swimming also brings psychological benefits. By releasing feel good endorphins and serotonin in the brain, in addition to the healing and calming properties of water, swimming lowers stress, boosts your mood and raises energy levels. The yogic combination of stretching with rhythmic breathing makes the relaxation of swimming almost meditative.

Besides the physical and well being advantages, swimming also promotes life skills such as time management, self discipline, sportsmanship, self worth and a sense of achievement, social skills and self confidence from a well toned body.

Swim regularly in your own above ground swimming pool and years of better health, relaxation and pleasure await. Why not install a wellness product from Products4Pools too, whether a spa, sauna or steam room? We have all the kit you’ll need to build your swimming pool, including heating systems, pumps, water treatment filters and pool steps, along with all the pool care products you’ll require for ongoing swimming pool maintenance, such as chlorine tablets, chemical testing kits and pool covers. With our selection of pool toys you can even exercise whist having fun and games with the family at the same time!


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