Immerse yourself in Olympic Swimming Glory

As London 2012 draws ever closer, it’s highly likely watching the world’s most outstanding swimmers in action will inspire you to put on your water wings. By installing an above ground swimming pool from Products4Pools you can attempt to emulate the elite on a daily basis without having to leave the house! Why not go all the way and treat yourself to a spa, sauna or steam room for some well earned relaxation after all that exercise?

With Products4Pools top ten Olympic swimming facts you can also win the gold medal for your Olympic swimming knowledge! Swimming is the 3rd most watched Olympic sport behind athletics and gymnastics so you’ll be able to impress your friends too!

  1. Swimming has been part of the modern Olympics since the first event in Athens1896.
  2. At the second modern Olympic Games contested in Paris in 1900, the first and last underwater swimming event was held. 2 points were awarded for each meter swum underwater. In addition 1 point was added to the scoring for every second a competitor remained below the surface. Much to the delight of the locals, Frenchman Charles de Venderville won the event swimming 60 meters and staying submerged for 1 minute 8.4 seconds! Denmark’s Peder Lykkeberg lasted underwater for a longer period, 1 minute 30, but only managed to travel 28.5 meters.
  3. Prior to 1908, Olympic swimming events were held in open water rather than in swimming pools!
  4. Initially Olympic swimming was a male only event. Women didn’t participate until 1912.
  5. The 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden marked the introduction of electronic timing.
  6. The 1924 Olympics were the first to use the standard 50 metre pool with marked lanes.
  7. Prior to the 1968 Olympics, women were considered too delicate to swim the 800 metres freestyle, even though the men’s 1500 metres freestyle event had been held from the early Olympic years!
  8. Rebecca Addlington became the first British competitor to win an Olympic swimming gold medal when she won the 400 metres freestyle race at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. When she added the 800 metre gold medal she became the first Brit to win more than one swimming gold at a single Olympics for 100 years!
  9. Michael Phelps holds the record for the most swimming gold medals at a single Olympics. His 8 gold medals won at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 surpassed the 7 won by Mark Spitz at the 1972 Munich Games (Spitz broke world records in all the events that he won)! His 8 gold medals in Beijing, combined with the 6 he won in Athens 2004 also give Phelps the record for the most gold swimming medals in total. Phelps has in fact won 16 Olympic medals, as along with his 14 golds, he won 2 bronze medals   in Athens in 2004!
  10. Prior to London 2012, Great Britain are 7th in the Olympic swimming medal league table with 64 medals, 15 of them gold. The USA leads the table with 489 medals, including 214 golds!

Your dreams of Olympic glory might have faded but with an above ground swimming pool, spa, sauna or steam room you can transform your fitness, health, life style and well being. Choose from Products4Pool’s range of pool toys and you can enjoy exercise, fun and games all rolled into one. That’s a “win win” even by Olympic standards!


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