Products4Pools Top 10 Amazing Swimming Facts

Here are some Amazing Swimming Facts you can share with your family and friends poolside one evening:

Fact 1

Drawings and paintings found in ancient Egypt, which date back to 2500bce depict people swimming!

Fact 2

During the early 19th Century, swimming naked was commonplace! It wasn’t until the mid 1860s that local authorities and swimming clubs introduced regulations that swimmers had to wear costumes when swimming in public. Around this time men and women were allocated different sections of beach to ensure they swam separately at the seaside.

Fact 3

Breaststroke is the oldest stroke used and even though the Americans beat the British in an 1844 race by swimming the faster front crawl, the British continued to swim breaststoke until 1873, as crawl created too much splash.

Fact 4

Captain Matthew Webb in 1875 was the first man to swim the English Channel. It took him 21 hours 45 minutes to swim the 21.26 miles using breaststroke. The first woman to swim the English Channel was teenager Gertrude Ederle in 1926.

Fact 5

The current Channel records are held by Chad Hundeby in 7 hours 17 minutes and the fastest women to date is Penny Lee Dean in a time of 7 hours 40 minutes. The records for the youngest swimmers to cross the Channel are held by Thomas Gregory, aged 11 years 330 days and Samantha Druce, aged 12 years 118 days.

Fact 6

Approximately 65,000 people in America can’t swim!

Fact 7

One of several legends about how the animals were chosen for the Chinese Zodiac is that the Emperor held a swimming race on the understanding that the first twelve animals to cross the fast flowing river would have a year of the Zodiac named after them. The rat cheated to be crowned the winner! As a result the year’s of the Zodiac rotate in the following order; the year of the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and boar.

Fact 8

Titanic was the first ocean liner with a swimming pool and gym!

Fact 9

In 1922, Johnny Weissmuller, more commonly known as Tarzan, became the first person to swim 100 metres in less than a minute. The current world record is closer to 45 seconds! Weissmuller became a hero twice over when he saved the lives of 11 people after an excursion boat capsized on Lake Michigan.

Fact 10

In 1998, Benoît Lecomte swam across the Atlantic Ocean, a total of 5,600 kilometres in 72 days, by swimming 6 to 8 hours daily.

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