Products 4 Pools Swimming Pool & Spa Safety Guide

Although at times it feels like the world has gone health and safety mad and any fun seems to be subject to a risk assessment, when it comes to swimming pool safety you really can’t be too careful. Most swimming pool safety measures are common sense but whether you are thinking of installing an above ground swimming pool for the first time or you have had a swimming pool for a while, the following Spa Safety Guide checklist could make a life saving difference:


As children are the highest risk it is vital to teach them the rules that they should only go in the swimming pool or spa when they’ve asked your permission and must never swim alone. Detachable swimming pool steps from Products4Pools are perfect for preventing child access.
Begin teaching children to swim when they are babies as the younger they are when they learn to swim, the safer they will be in water for the rest of their life. When teaching babies and young children to swim always keep them within arms length and use swimming aids such as arm bands.

Pool Design

Plan the position of your above ground pool and or spa so swimmers can be easily seen and always be vigilant. Install appropriate swimming pool lighting if the pool is to be used at night.
Think carefully about the depth of your swimming pool; shallower water is appropriate for a relaxation pool to be used for social purposes or by children, whereas an exercise pool will require deeper water.


Establish and display clear swimming pool rules including no running, diving or horse play.
Never take glass near the pool or spa and avoid drinking alcohol prior to and during swimming.
Remember to apply sun cream after swimming on a hot day.


Purchase a lifebuoy / life belt from Products4Pools and keep it close to the pool side at all times.
Keep a well stocked first aid kit to hand and check it regularly. Why not use your swimming pool as the motivator to en-role on the first aid and life saving course you’ve always intended to do but never found the time?


Pool covers should be in place at all times when the swimming pool is not in use. As well as restricting access, this will keep the pool clean and more hygienic.
Ensure the appropriate levels of chlorine are maintained in the water to prevent health threatening bacteria forming and store chemicals safely and out of reach of children.

Be a responsible swimming pool and spa owner and always exercise caution. Adhering to the above rules will give you peace of mind that your loved ones are safe. You can rely on Products4Pools to provide all the pool care and maintenance products you’ll need so you can be confident your pool is hygienic, including chlorine tablets, chemical testing and dosing equipment and pool covers. A safe swimming pool is a happy and fun pool!


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