Swimming Pool Installation & Maintenance Guide

No longer the preserve of the rich and famous, recent swimming pool innovation and design has made owning your own swimming pool an affordable luxury. You’ll still be the envy of your neighbours and very popular with your friends though!

Above ground swimming pool kits are only a quarter of the price of similar sized in ground swimming pools so they bring all the benefits of an in ground pool for a fraction of the cost!

Metal framed and wooden sided above ground pools can be conveniently installed in a day, in contrast to in ground swimming pools which can take up to six weeks to construct. The costs of digger and skip hire to remove the earth are avoided too.

Above ground pools are safer for families than in ground pools as there is no danger of children falling in and the pool ladder can be removed to prevent them climbing in. Above ground pools also heat up more quickly than conventional swimming pools as the heat stays in the pool rather than being lost into the ground. An added benefit of an above ground pool is that if you decide to move house you can simply drain and dismantle the pool and take it with you!

Before purchasing your above ground swimming pool there are a number of factors to consider. Firstly you need to decide on the size of the swimming pool. This will obviously be determined by the space available and also the purpose of the pool; a bigger pool will be required for exercise than for a family fun pool. Do you have space for a spa, sauna or steam room too? Secondly you need to select the shape. A rectangular pool is the best option for swimming lengths for exercise whereas a rounded shape is perhaps more aesthetically pleasing if the pool is just for fun and relaxation purposes. The intended use of the swimming pool will determine the appropriate depth. A deeper pool will be required for an exercise pool than if the pool is to be a social, children’s or relaxation pool. Location is another issue to take into account. Your above ground swimming pool needs to be positioned for maximum sun and not too close to trees as the leaves will end up in your pool! Ease of access and locating the pool so it is not obscured from view for easy supervision of children are also important. Finally landscaping around the swimming pool requires planning. A decking surround gives an above ground pool a more permanent feel and surrounding plants add beauty.

In addition to the initial purchase you’ll also need to budget and prepare for an on going swimming pool cleaning and maintenance routine. A few minutes effort for hours of pleasure in crystal clear water is definitely worth it though! Daily chlorine checks to ensure the water is free of bacteria and to prevent algae forming are essential. Your swimming pool will need to be covered when not in use to prevent debris blowing in, though being raised up, this is less of a problem than with in ground swimming pools. Solar pool covers are dual purpose, providing protection whilst using the sun’s energy to heat the pool! A surface skimming net and a hose pipe attachment to “hoover” out debris from the bottom will also be required.

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  1. Devric 22/10/2018 Reply

    Thank you for your help with my questions about algae levels in hot tub where I am using 12% hydrogen peroxide as the main sanitizer.
    I will try again and keep a closer eye on pH this time, as for sure I was neglecting pH a bit and it was on high side.

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