Swimming provides a full body workout

An enjoyable, challenging, and healthy sport, especially advisable for people who suffer from joint pain, is swimming. Swimming puts almost no pressure on the joints while at the same time stimulates the muscles and the lungs. A lot of muscle work is required in order to move the body across the water in different patterns or body movements, depending on the swimming style chosen by the individual.

Swimming is a great full body workout and is certainly easy on the joints. No weight is put on the joints or other parts of the body as the water fully supports the bodyweight while in motion. Despite swimming being a suitable sports activity for those who suffer from joint problems, you should carefully choose the swimming strike and techniques.

For instance, one of the most popular swimming strokes, the breaststroke, can pose a threat to the knees as it involves a leg kick, which may harm the knees to some extent. On the other hand, strokes such as the front crawl or backstroke are extremely suitable and put no stress on the joints.


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