AstralPool KIVU Self-priming Pump

AstralPool KIVU Self-priming Pump


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AstralPool KIVU (Domestic) Self-priming Pump

The KIVU® plastic self-priming pump for large flows has been designed to achieve the maximum working efficiency with the lowest noise. KIVU Pump is undoubtedly the highest-efficiency pump in the market.

High-performance plastic self-priming pump for high flow rates (1500 rpm).
– 3 power modes: 3 HP, 4 HP, and 5.5 HP.
– Low sound level: as low as 59 dBA
– Hydraulic efficiency without prefilter 78% (as per ISO 9906 standard).
– High-quality mechanical seal for salt water.
– IEC high-efficiency motors (IE3).
– Standard motor shaft (compatibility with any pump manufacturer).
– Product with GS marking
– Pump comes with pre-filter (in 2 packages: pump + prefilter).

High-efficiency plastic self-priming pump.
1500 rpm pump.
Low noise level: up to 59dBA.
Power range 3 – 4 y 5,5HP.
Hydraulic efficiency 78% (compliant with ISO 9906 standard).
For large flow use, up to 130 m3/h.
Standard 3” x 4” connections.
Stand-alone pre-filter of 8 liters. The pump can be sold without a pre-filter.
Standard IEC motor with B5 aluminium motor flange configuration.
High-efficiency motors IE3 (EU 640/2009).
Standard motor shaft (compatibility with any motor manufacturer).
Plastic impeller (No metallic parts in contact with water).
Product with GS marks.
Supply voltage: 230/400V.
AISI-316 stainless bolts.
High quality mechanical seal for salt water.

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3 HP 400/690V 50Hz + prefilter, 4 HP 400/690V 50Hz + prefilter, 5.5 HP 400/690V 50Hz + prefilter, 3 CV 400/690V 50Hz + without prefilter, 4 CV 400/690V 50Hz + without prefilter, 5,5 CV 400/690V 50Hz + without prefilter, 3 HP 230/400V 50Hz + prefilter, 3 CV 230/400V 50Hz + without prefilter, 4 HP 230/400V 50Hz + prefilter, 4 CV 230/400V 50Hz + without prefilter, 5.5 HP 230/400V 50Hz + prefilter, 5,5 CV 230/400V 50Hz + without prefilter



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