Calpeda GQR 10 Submersible Drainage Pump

Calpeda GQR 10 Submersible Drainage Pump

Submersible Drainage Pump

3 / 30
3 / 20
0.45 / 2
mc/h m kW

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Calpeda GQR 10 Submersible Drainage Pump

The Calpeda GQR 10 Single-impeller submersible drainage pump, with open impeller. GQR: with vertical threaded delivery port (G 1 1/2). GQR 10 32: with horizontal flanged and threaded delivery port (DN 32, PN 6 – G 1 1/2). Double mechanical shaft seal with interposed oil chamber, to protect against dry-running.

-For clean water containing solids up to 10 mm grain size.

-For draining rooms or for emptying tanks.

-Extraction of water from ponds, streams, or pits, or for rainwater collection.

-For irrigation purposes

Technical data
2-pole induction motor, 50 Hz (n ≈ 2900 rpm).
GQR: three-phase 230V ± 10%
400V ± 10%
Cable: H07RN-F, 4G1 mm2, length 10 m, without plug.
GQRM: single-phase 230V ± 10%
with float switch and thermal protector.
Incorporated capacitor
Cable: H07RN-F, 3G1 mm2, length 10 m, with plug CEI-UNEL 47166.
Insulation class F.
Protection IP X8 (for continuous immersion).
Triple impregnation humidity-proof dry winding
Constructed in accordance with EN 60034-1
EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-41.

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Calpeda is a company that is committed to studying, developing, and manufacturing pumps and pumping systems. We want to continue that which was started many years ago by Vinicio Mettifogo, founder and pioneer.

It all began like this

Calpeda appeared on the British market over 40 years ago. At the start, the products were sold by two independent distributors, and then all the business operations in the United Kingdom were grouped into a single company, MSP Planet Limited, with its base in Bicester. In 1995 Calpeda SpA proposed the idea of starting a directly controlled company to Ken Hall and David White. The initiative, which led to the formation of the Calpeda Limited branch, became more solid with the purchase of MSP Planet Limited and the transfer of all staff to the new organisation.

Even Bigger

Year after year the subsidiary grew and sales development was gradually accompanied by the enlargement of the company headquarters. After a move to a new 20,000 sqft facility the plant was doubled in size with the acquisition of further buildings and an important restructuring program was initiated, at a cost of £ 1.5 million, which includes a new assembly and service area, new offices, and a training centre. Calpeda Limited also has a technical centre in Pontefract - West Yorkshire which has generically grown over the years. Markets in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, are serviced by a subsidiary of the UK operation called Calpeda Pumps Ireland Limited, with its headquarters in Dublin.

Our strong points: product quality assurance and trained staff

Calpeda Limited supplies a wide range of Calpeda products to many industrial and commercial sectors, through a capillary distribution network and business-to-business platforms. Calpeda Limited also features a flexible, well-equipped, and experienced booster set, pressurisation, and specialist pump system production centre, mainly for the building services sector. The company has a strong expansion program with the aim of increasing sales and has recently invested in an important part of this growth strategy, namely after-sales services. Service is one of the branch’s strong points, the company is naturally made up of highly skilled, specialist Engineers, and a training project providing development opportunities to young Engineers is long established.