Waterco Eco Top Mount Filter and Pool Pump Package (No Media) Filter + Aquamite / Supastream Pump

Waterco Eco Top Mount Filter and Pool Pump Package (No Media) Filter + Aquamite / Supastream Pump



Waterco Pool Pump and Filter Package (without Media)

Eco Top Mount Filter + Aquamite / Supastream Pump

All of these pool pump and filter packages are extremely good value. Quite often to buy the package when you replace your filter, we’ll give you a spare pool pump at a massively discounted price for use at a later date. All of the items you can buy from Products4Pools Limited are tested and proven in the swimming pool field. This particular pool pump and filter package comes without media.

Why sand filtration

Sand is the oldest and most popular method of filtration. It operates by way of depth filtration where dirt is driven through a sand bed and then trapped in the minute spaces between the sand particles. Initially, a clean bed will remove larger particles and as the bed starts to load up, it will remove finer particles.

Thermoplastic Filters for minimal maintenance.

Our Thermoplastic Filters utilise a multiport valve to control the flow of water within the filter vessel. Cleaning the filter simply requires turning the multiport lever from the `filter’ position to the `backwash’ position. This allows the water to reverse its course through the sand bed, and thus flushing trapped particles to the drain.

Thermoplastic Construction

Incorporating the lastest advances in thermoplastic technology, Waterco Thermoplastic Sand Filters feature a polymer mix that’s abrasion-proof for long lasting performance and durable protection against sand and water.


Waterco is proud to show its ultimate confidence in its range of Thermoplastic Filters by offering a 10-year* (5+5) tank warranty and 1 year warranty on all other components.

* Commercial applications attract a 5-year (1+4) tank warranty

Additional information

Model, Metric, Imperial, Pump Hp, M3/hour @ 8m

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waterco-authorised-online-marketer-pool-pumps-products-4-pools-ltdProducts 4 Pools Ltd are approved Waterco dealers. Waterco are dedicated to the manufacturing of energy efficient and environmentally friendly products. Waterco began operating in 1981 as a distributor of supplies for swimming pools and spas. Since then, through a series of acquisitions, that included the U.K filtration manufacturer Lacron Limited in 2003, as well as internal growth, the company has expanded into manufacturing of a comprehensive range of products for the swimming pool, water treatment, aquaculture and other water related industries. Within Europe the acquisition of Lacron provided Waterco with the best possible logistical platform from which to launch in to Europe, not at least thanks to the excellent reputation associated with the Lacron brand name for the past 30 years. In turn Waterco brings with it a vast and diverse range of innovative pool and spa product lines and are committed to the promotion of quality products.


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