Pentair Intelliflo (SW5P6R-VSD2) Variable Speed Pump

Pentair Intelliflo (SW5P6R-VSD2) Variable Speed Pump



Pentair Intelliflo (SW5P6R-VSD2) Variable Speed Pump

Intelliflo pumps vastly reduce energy consumption compared to standard pool pumps. By reducing the speed of the motor energy is saved, and filtration can be improved by reducing the velocity through the filter bed.

• Reduced energy consumption
• Low noise at low RPM
• Quick-lock trap cover for easy cleaning and large see-through lid
• Suitable for salt chlorinated water (up to 4.5% salt concentrate)

The IntelliFlo® VSD 2 pump is well suited for all of your pool, spa, cleaner, waterfall and other water applications.
Using the control panel, IntelliFlo® can use one of the four selectable preset speeds or the pump speed can be adjusted to run at a specific speed. Advanced energy conservation features on the Pentair Intelliflo SW5P6R-VSD2 ensure that your filtration system is operating at peak efficiency.
The IntelliFlo® pump is a variable speed pump that can use up to eight speeds that can be adjusted to run at specific speeds and time intervals. The IntelliFlo® 2 VSD pump outperforms all conventional pumps in its class.
The pump can operate from 450 RPM to 3450 RPM with preset speeds of 750, 1500, 2350 and 3110 RPM. The pump can be adjusted from the control panel to run at any speed between 450 RPM to 3450 RPM for different applications. The pump control panel alarm LED and error messages warn the user against under and over voltage, high temperature, over current, and freeze protection with user-defined minimum and maximum speed presets.
The control panel can be mounted on the pump in four different directions in order to provide the user the best access. The control panel can also be mounted in a more convenient location with the help of the keypad relocation kit (P/N R356905).

The IntelliFlo® VSD 2 pump can communicate with an IntelliPool control system or the IntelliComm® communication center via a two-wire RS-485 communication cable. The communication cable is included with the control system. IntelliComm® can remotely control the IntelliFlo® Variable speed four preset speeds. The IntelliPool system can be configured to control speed in function of pool temperature, size and active features.

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