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Thanks to ongoing innovation and scientific research, swimmers are getting ever faster and word record times are common place in big competitions. Although John Trudgen introduced front crawl with a scissor kick to Britain in 1873, front crawl with the more efficient flutter kick was first seen in a swimming race held in London in 1844, where the Americans easily defeated the British breaststroke swimmers.

Here are some interesting facts you can share with your friends poolside one evening. Fact 1: Drawings and paintings found in ancient Egypt, which date back to 2500bce depict people swimming! Fact 2: During the early 19th Century, swimming naked was commonplace! It wasn’t until the mid 1860s that local authorities and swimming clubs introduced regulations that swimmers had to wear costumes when swimming in public. Around this time men and women were allocated different sections of beach to ensure they swam separately at the seaside.